The platform is owned and operated by me.com and for the sake of this Term of Use, it will generally be referred to as “Our,” “We,” “Us,” or “CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS” while all users such as moving companies, reviewers, advertiser, and other affiliates will be referred to as “your”, “you”, “user” or “users”.

This content aims to state out terms and conditions known as “Term of Use” to provide an unforgettable experience for all users. Let’s state it clearly here that no personal information collected from you will be disclosed to the third parties without your consent. Reading this page carefully is essential to help you decide whether to use our site or not. If you use any feature on this platform, it is assumed that you agree with the terms and conditions as contained on this page. However, if you are not at ease to our Terms of Use, don’t try to use it.

We have the reservation to revise or modify these Terms of Use as required at any time when there is an update on the site. You will be bound by such revision or update regardless of whether you are notified or not; hence, it is essential to check this page for any update as often as possible.

Our Website Description

CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS has a variety of text, illustrations, tips, software, logos, names, graphics, service marks, directories, trademarks, and other related content posted, published, shared, distributed, or any means used to make available to the public. Our website is designed to providing a platform to display content created by our users or third parties. The material on CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS is not limited to reviews, ratings, links to related services, discussion, and comments. Apart from our web content, all other content displayed on the platform is the liability of the third party originators.

We are not responsible for any published content on the site from the third parties; we only provide the medium through which the content is displayed to you. The site is established and developed to support open discussions, ratings, and reviews; as a result, you may be seeing some automatic posts from users sharing their opinions, and this may be sometimes offensive, inaccurate, harmful or otherwise unmatched. Some of these materials may be tagged wrongly or on the other hand deceptive. We advise all our site users to exercise caution, have proper judgment, and common sense when using our site or when contributing to any posts on the site.

Registration on the Site

Just like other platforms, CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS requests that you and any account registration on the site must be true, current, accurate, and complete as contained on our registration forms. You must also agree to update your info further to maintain accuracy, truthfulness, and completeness of such details as they change in the future. After completing your registration, you will be assigned a user ID and password which can only be used by you or anyone you reveal your login detail to. It means that you are responsible for keeping and maintaining the confidentiality of your login information and you will be held liable for any activities linked to your user ID and password.

Additionally, CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS may ask you to receive a confirmation message to verify the authenticity of the information submitted during your registration.

Member Account, Passwords, Security, and Writing a Review

As a member of the site, upon completing the required registration process, you will be provided account designation and password to have access to all the features of the platform. Once you have your account, you are obligated for securing your account and passwords, and you will take full responsibility for all activities linked to your account. We never can say, if you suspect any unauthorized use of your account and password, kindly notify us immediately. In addition, always ensure that you log out of your account after every session. You are in charge of maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password; hence, CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS will not be responsible for any loss or unauthorized activities due to your negligence or failure to abide by this section.

Reviews Ground Rule

Review writing is one of the features of CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS platform, and there are terms and conditions associated with posting reviews on the site. To write a review or opinion on the site, it is expected that you accept these outlines:

All your contributions are expected to be appropriate and relevant to the purposes of which the site is designed. Your reviews should not talk about the employment activities of a business, and other practices such as extraordinary circumstances, political ideologies or other unrelated matter apart from the expected consumer experience. Contributions are expected to be objective and unbiased. We don’t accept reviews of your own employer or business, or business in your networking, your relatives, and your relatives’ or friends’ business. Your reviews should not include hate speech, obscenity, harassment, threats, or any forms of bigotry that can harass other users. Be real in your profile. Avoid using copyrighted images. Before you can review a company, you must have known and been a customer of the company. Sharing of other people’s personal information or data is prohibited. Posting people’s photograph without their permission is not accepted. You will be responsible for all reviews posted, and any false information may lead to review filtration. Copy and paste of content from other platforms are not allowed. As an employee or company owner, you may not be allowed to submit reviews regardless of circumstances you find yourself, even if a customer request for such. A review per company per one service delivers / moves.

Business owners ground rule

Below are the business owners’ guidelines for the use of CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS platform. If you have an issue to address or need to update your company profile, you must follow this ground rule:

Business owners can discuss or clarify matters publicly by directly respond to public reviews about the issue in question. However, you are advised not to use public comments to advertise, launch personal attacks or persuade a reviewer to change his or her review about your company. Your business information as contained on your profile should be guarded seriously and use to edit your profile as required. Don’t use your company profile feature to launch attacks on your reviewers, competitors or CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS. Your business account is not meant to be using for posting special promotions or offers on the site; if you do, it will be removed accordingly.

Our License

You are the owner of the content you post on CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS. You may remove any of your posts from our platform by sending a message to support@cbm-engineers-solutions.us. All the content displayed on our platform is protected by copyright and as well as other related laws. As a result, CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS grants all our user a personal, non-sub licensable, non-transferable, generic right to use our platform and to have access to all downloadable content provided that you and any third parties through you are not allowed to copy, modify, copy, display, recreate, sublicense, transfer, distribute, assign, or publicly perform, or otherwise use any of the content for commercial or public purpose without a prior written expression of permission to the site and get approved by CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS.

You accept not to use our website through any means other than interface created by CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS to access the site. You may be required special permission to use or access specific software on the platform. If you want further details regarding our permission to access any of the content provided by us or other sites on our website, please, send this request to support@cbm-engineers-solutions.us. Any violation to any of our Terms of Use will result in automatic termination without any prior notice to do so.

Your License

CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS do not claim proprietary rights to content posted on our platform including an outbound link. You have the right to claim ownership of the content you post on the site; however, by posting on the site, you grant CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS a non-exclusive license, royalty-free to use, reproduce, distribute, modify, sublicense, and public display of such material on our platform. This royalty-free license remains only with us for as long as you choose to keep it on our platform and the permission terminates when you or we remove such content from CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS platform.

Content Removal – Our Right

CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS gives free access to post content on the site, but if your content is found not confirmed with our Terms of Use as contained on this page, we have every right to remove such posted content. If there is any third party claim to any content you posted on the site, CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS may investigate and use our discretion to determine whether to request the removal or remove the material ourselves. We are not responsible for the conduct or non-conduct of such activities. Based on our Terms of Use, we reserve the right, and you expressly agree to remove any posted content by your account as the need arises.

Site Access Termination – Our Right

You accept and agree that CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS may without prior notification and under certain circumstances remove all your posted content, terminate your account and immediately block your access, and associated email address to our platform. Such termination can be; as a result of any but not limited to the following:

Violations or noncompliance to these Terms of Use and/or other incorporated guidelines or agreements, Self-initiated account deactivation requested by you, Requests by legal or law enforcement, Suspension of activities or any modification occurred to any part of the site thereof, Involvement in illegal activities or fraudulent activities, Noticeable long periods of inactivity on our website, Deletion of your personal information, password, files, and other content related to your account, Failure to pay any fees incurred by you in connection with the use of the platform.

Infringement of Proprietary Rights

CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS respect and take every intellectual property right of others seriously and we expect all our users to do the same. We always frown at property right infringement, and we reserve every right to suspend or terminate your account with us in any circumstances discover and verify you are purposely infringing upon or frequently infringe on the proprietary rights of the third parties whether it is intentional or not. This may cause your account to be removed or disabled, or denied access to all features on our platform.

Just as we want the proprietary rights of the third parties to be protected and without any form of infringement from our users, we also don’t allow your content copied by other users. However, if we suspect and believe that someone copies your content in a way that forms copyright infringement violation, kindly avail our legal department or us with the following details that show that you are the rightful owner of such content:

A physical or e-signature of the authorized person of the intellectual property or other copyright interest that backup your ownership, A full description of such claimed copyrighted content, A full description of the site location of alleged infringed work on our site, Your telephone number, email address, and address, A statement originated by you confirming that you believe that the use of dispute is not authorized by the copyright agent, owner, or the law, A statement originated by you and made under perjury penalty that the provided above details is accurate and that you are the rightful owner, or copyright, or authorized to answer on behalf of the intellectual property owner or copyright


CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS reserves all right, interest, and title to suspend, modify, restrict or discontinue the use of any part of our platform without prior notice or responsibility. We also retain all privilege and access to user information as stated in our Privacy Policy. We may as well include other website links not controlled by CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS, and we are not liable for any linked platforms (check our Privacy Policy for more details on this). We state herewith the following:

Our Privacy Policy and as well as these Terms of Use with any form of legal notice as contained in our content serve as an agreement between you and CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS and control the use of the platform and supersede any earlier agreements or understanding between you and us as regards the site. If there will be any variation to these Terms of Use, it will be reflected on this page and communicated to you in writing. The relationship between CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS and you, and as well as these Terms of Use shall be law abiding in all dealings. We are committed to the operation of these Terms of Use and that of CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS other than through writing and will make no waiver and such waiver shall not be deemed a continuing one or any other provision of this terms and conditions. You accept that irrespective of any law or statute to the contrary, any cause of action or claim as a result of the use of these Terms of Use or the platform must be filed within the period of twelve (12) months after such action arises or it is forfeited forever. There is no franchiser-franchisee or employer-employee, partnership, agency or joint venture relationship created or aimed by these Terms of Use. This implies that there will be no third party beneficiaries to this accord. Your membership on the website is non-transferable.

Privacy Policy

There are specific other information and registration details not covered on this page. You can further read our Privacy Policy for more details. It is essential to understand and consent to our terms and conditions for collection and use of your personal information. You should know and agree that we have the right to collect, access, use, and share your information and your posted content as required by our site for legal process, responding to claims of content violations and as well as responding to your requests, for personal safety, protecting your right and the rights of others, doing so in a good faith to serve you better.


CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS provides an interface for hosting rating and reviews of the users on their different moving companies, transporters, and other associated service providers. These reviews are based on accurate and first-hand users’ experience with the movers. We only operate and run the platform as an online research and advertising service for users. CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS does not represent any of the parties either movers or users, we are not into moving service business, and not in any part or otherwise handle any part of the transaction between movers and customers or other parties that may involve in moving arrangement. User review and rating giving on the website is reviewed by the consumers to make a decision and is not warranted to be a whole truth or accurate and is subjected to change or removal without prior notice; hence, ensure all the information is verified before making any decision.

All content posted on, linked or transmitted through CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS is the sole liability of the user from whom it is originated, and we do not have control and not responsible for such activities of the material posted on the site. We have no obligation to preview, screen, and approve any content posted by reviewers or advertisement in the users’ posts. However, we reserve the right in our sole judgment; to perform the review process and remove any posted content discovered violating these Terms of Use. Hence, by using this platform, it is assumed that you agree and accepts that you would take responsibility for evaluating any risks associated with accuracy, appropriateness, usefulness, and use of any content or material or information found on this site. CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS will not be responsible for any loss, fraud, or misappropriation arising from dealing with the third parties found on the website.

Changes to these Terms of Use

CBM ENGINEERS SOLUTIONS will post on the platform any changes or possible variation to these Terms of Use and will be tagged as “Last update” with the date it was updated. You agree to any changes made on our Terms of Use if you continue to use the site after prior notice of the change. You are expected to be reviewing and checking back on this page regularly to check for current update on this page. If you are not comfortable with such change, you have only option to stop using this site.

Contact Us

Do you still have any question as regards these Terms of Use; don’t hesitate to contact us at support@cbm-engineers-solutions.us